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Sales by the Seashore: 10 Affordable Markets for Vacation Homebuyers

August 1, 2016 2:10 am

Location, location, location…an adage vacation homebuyers know all too well.

Turns out, there are beach towns that are not only in a prime location, but with homes at prime prices, too. According to a recent ranking by HomeUnion, the top 10 are:

1. Two Rivers, Wis.
Median Home Price: $85,300
Average Rent: $835

2. Angola, N.Y.
Median Home Price: $107,400
Average Rent: $1,180

3. Bayonet Point, Fla.
Median Home Price: $122,100
Average Rent: $1,193

4. Dexter, N.Y.
Median Home Price: $137,800
Average Rent: $1,294

5. Mastic Beach, N.Y.
Median Home Price: $138,200
Average Rent: $1,333

6. Oak Hill, Fla.
Median Home Price: $152,800
Average Rent: $1,126

7. Baltimore, Md.
Median Home Price: $184,600
Average Rent: $1,479

8. Jensen Beach, Fla.
Median Home Price: $213,900
Average Rent: $2,137

9. Cobb Island, Md.
Median Home Price: $222,000
Average Rent: $1,583

10. Berlin, Md.
Median Home Price: $236,200
Average Rent: 1,558

“Since home prices have remained low across the Midwest for the past few years, it's no surprise that Two Rivers, Wis., on the shores of Lake Michigan, tops our list,” says HomeUnion Director of Research Steve Hovland. “But there are still plenty of seaside bargains to be found throughout Florida, along the Atlantic Ocean, in expensive housing markets like suburban New York City, and even on the Pacific Ocean in California.”

HomeUnion compiled the ranking based on factors such as crime rate, inventory and proximity to specific bodies of water.

Source: HomeUnion

Published with permission from RISMedia.

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